Russian Academy of Sciences
                                 Centre for Egyptological Studies, Moscow (CESRAS)
                                                                                                   Russian Institute of Egyptology in Cairo (RIEC)
                             Research on the Funerary Art of the 21a Theban Dynasty of Payanch and Personages of that Period  (1070-945 BCE)
Coffins of Djedptahjuefankh D21a-D22, Thebes, TT320
                      Third Prophet of Amun, Cairo CG61034
                                                                         died ca. 934 BCE

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Dear visitor,
On this page you will find only Daressey's plates, showing, although very
poorly, my inner and outer coffins and my mummy cover. As the coffins are
"nested" in a massive wall of showcases, dating from 1904 and built to last for
eternity, one has as yet only been able to photograph the left side of my outer
coffin, and such of the upper surface of my inner coffin as is visible, using only
poor ambient light and shooting through glass which has escaped cleaning for
many decades. It is my hope that one day the antiquated showcases can be
opened, and that it will be posssible to photograph and conserve my own and
neighbouring coffins of the "family", the sadly neglected 21a Theban Dynasty
of Payankh (1070-945-BCE)
Welcome friend!  See what I left for you
Click images for
original plates
Daressey's plates
Sharpened sepia versions by E. Loring, CESRAS, 2011.
                                      Inside of outer coffin                                Lid of outer coffin                                   Sides of outer coffin
Inside of outer coffin                          Sides of outer coffin                                                 Inner coffin                      Mummy-cover