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21a  Dynasty Studies: E. Loring: The Funerary Baldachin of Isetemkheb B in Ancient Egypt. London. June/July 2011
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Author's Preface: Somewhat more than a year ago, Bob Partrige, the father and dedicated publisher of Ancient Egypt, asked me
to write an article about the unique Leather Funerary Baldachin of Isetemkheb B (Asetemachbjt B). It is the only object of its
kind, not only from Ancient Egypt, but in the whole world. The following is my modest contribution. Bob did not live to see this
publication. I dedicate these few words and original CESRAS images to Bob, a man who made the beauty and history of Ancient
Egypt available to and understandable by a great number of people outside the small professional egyptological community. In
the name of the whole CESRAS/RIEC Team I say, "Thanks Bob for all that you did for Egyptology. You will not be forgotten."    
Edward Loring/CESRAS/2011
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