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   Leather Funerary Baldachin of Isetemkheb B, JE26276, Complete Text by Émile Brugsch, Cairo, 1889           

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Editor's note: This text is reproduced here for its historical rather than
its scientific value. Émile Brugsch, Deputy Curator in the former
Boulag Museum, was not a true scientist and had no real knowledge
of the 21a Dynasty. The manner in which he had the contents of the
tomb removed, some 6000 artifacts pulled out in 48 hours, without
making any notes as to what and in what order the artifacts were
removed is one of the worst crimes in the history of Egyptology. Due
to his ignorance and neglect of duty we will never know the order in
which the artifacts were placed in the tomb. He behaved like a
plunderer and his actions caused a great loss of important data for all
future generations of Egyptologists.  

After having done as much damage as he could, searching for what
he thought would be a connecting tunnel to the temple of Mentuhotep
II, he re-entered the tomb and by chance found the Funerary
Baldachin of Isetemkheb B which he called a "tent"...

This is his story written eight years later...
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