Russian Academy of Sciences
  Centre for Egyptological Studies, Moscow (CESRAS)
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              G. Elliot Smith, The Royal Mummies, Catalogue Général du Musée du Caire, Nos 61051-61100, 1912

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Due to the interest of the general public in Egyptian mummies, we reproduce here not only the complete text of Smith's CG publication,
but also digitally processed and enhanced coloured versions of all plates, in part edited to bring out important details in Smith's photos.

This updated Internet version is a part of a developing CESRAS project inspired by our recent Russian-German re-excavation and first
scientific survey of the "Royal Cache" TT 320 (also called DB 320) between 1998 and 2006 (Literature documenting this project:
Royal Cache TT 320: a re-examination
, edited by co-directors Prof. Dr. Erhart Graefe (Münster) and Dr. Galina A. Belova, Director of
CESRAS (Moscow), and RIEC (Cairo) with a preface by Dr. Zahi Hawass, Supreme Council of Antiquities Press, Cairo, 2010).

We shall first present Smith's unaltered text in the form of .jpg images scanned as-is from the CG. We regret that much of the print is not
sharp, but time did not allow further processing. The second section of this work will contain the plates in both original and digitally
processed forms. Links will be made between text, persons, plates, and cut-out edited details of interest. Further links to other contexts
of the mummies will be added as updates or corrections of our navigation matrix as this "open end" project continues. There will always
be new links and navigational possibilities, so after enjoying your visit today, do come back from time to time and check on new

We would be more than glad to have feedback, good or bad (you needn't be polite), and suggestions from you. You don't have to be an
Egyptologist or a member of the academic community. The purpose of this website is educational. All reasonable questions are valid
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In August, 2011
Edward R. Loring
Research Fellow, CESRAS/RIEC