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Tomb of the Priests and Priestesses of Amun, 21a Dynasty located in Deir el-Bahari in the Theban necropolis;
also known as the "2nd Cache" (TT320, the Royal Cache being the 1st). See Porter-Moss I, Part II for details of finds.

As in TT320, the remains of desecrated burials, essentially those of the 21a Dynasty (1070-945 BCE), were collected and sealed
in this "safe place". In this section we shall publish original CESRAS photographs of such of these artifacts as we have been able
to find. In 1893, the Khedive presented selected groups of these objects as a token of Egyptian friendship to a number of nations.
CESRAS Director Dr. Galina A. Belova and Research Fellows Sergej V. Ivanov, Alexej A. Krol and Edward R. Loring have
searched the museums of the former Soviet Union for the artifacts of "Lot 6" presented to Tsar Alexander III in 1893. The digital
photographs made in this study show artifacts which have never been seen by any other living Egyptologists. Some of these are
in such terrible condition that they will never be shown. The CESRAS images shown here and in our section on the construction
of anthropoid coffins will be the last time that some of them will ever be seen.

"Lots" presented to other nations have faired better and most of them have been published elsewhere. We have been able to
photograph at least sections of the Bab el-Gasus coffins kept in the Cairo National Museum. These photos will be published here
as time and permissions allow.

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Daressy, George, Les Cercueils des Prètres D'Ammon (Deuxime Trouvaille de Deir el-Bahari)
                                      original publication with annotations and links as needed