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Pinodjem I, High Priest of Amun 1070-1055, and King Khakheperre meryamun 1055-1036
Lid of inner coffin, re-worked from the previously
plundered burial remains of Tutmose I.
Above and below ane the remains of the coffin's decoration. The
hand at right above held a Djed symbol. Both images are
examples of the so-called "pious"* stripping of gold foil, or gilded
coffins. Certain essential symbols of the contemporary religion
were not removed. This constitutes proof that the stripping of this
and contemporary coffins took place in antiquity, most likely on
state orders to collect as much gold as possible for the bankrupt
administration of the Thebian dynasty.
Profile of the finely worked mask of the outer
coffin of Thutmose I, restored and reworked for
HPA Pinodjem I, King Khakheperre. It is of some
interest to compare the burials of these two
kings.Tutmose I, the first king to be buried   in the
Valley of the Kings and in the mind of this author
the actual first king of the 18th Dynasty was in a
way equated with Pinodjen, the first (and actually
only) king of the 21a Theban Dynasty.
Above shroud of Pinodjem I Khakheperre mery Amun;
Cairo National Museum CG61025

Son of HPA Payankh and Herere B
Father of HPA Masaharta
Father of God's Wife of Amun Maatkare
Father of HPA & King Menkheperre

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