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Basis raw, unprocessed material from a publication
unknown to us, showing mummies from an original location
unknown to us, and kept at an equally unknown institution.
We are searching for documentation and will bring anything we can find as soon
as possible. A dedicated private researcher restored the original material at left
from "magic lantern" plates, meaning that it is very old indeed.

This material may have come from Bab el-Gasus. The positioning of the hands in
the pubic sector is a strong indication of 21a Theban Dynasty origin. The high
quality of mummification shown by all objects qualifies as a representative
quantity of upper class embalming. Both genders appear to be represented.

If the mummies were found in Bab el-Gasus, they were taken to the Bulaq
Museum. From late 19th century reports, several of which you will find published
on this site, it is most likely that no correct inventory numbers were made with
respect to concordance with the coffins. When the collection was moved to the
new National Museum in 1904, many objects were lost (ex. mummy of HPA and
King Chacheperraw Pinodjem I) or misplaced.

The Russian Institute of Egyptology in Cairo (RIEC) will conduct research based
on the information shown here. We shall keep you informed of any results.

Edward Loring, CESRAS
Research Fellow & Site Editor
Moscow, 080412
PS.: Below is the terrible shot in Sethos I' tomb. I did a little superficial cleaning up, just to give an
idea of what can be done with the worst material