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           G. Elliot Smith, The Royal Mummies, Catalogue Général du Musée du Caire, Nos 61051-61100, Cairo 1912

        Mummy of  King Amenophis III Neb-maat-raw, 1388-1350 BCE, Cairo, CG61074

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"Thumbnail" unedited scans of Smith's original
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                                                                         Below is Amenophis' shroud and details of it
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(also known as Amenhotep III)
The mummy, pillaged and virtually destroyed in antiquity, probably in the 20th
Dynasty, was found in the tomb of Amenophis II in Bibân el-Molouk, Thebes, a
major "Cache" (see
TT320 and Bab el-Gasus), or hiding place for plundered
mummies of Kings, royalty, and persons of high rank and standing.

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