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21a Theban Dynasty Studies
Gaston Maspero, Guide to the former Boulaq Museum in Cairo, 1883:
       Section on the burials in the Royal Cache, TT320 (DB320)

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Nedjemet, wife of Herihor
HPA & "king" Herihor
Pinodjem II,      Maspero
counted HPA Pinodjem I,
and as King Khakheperre
as Pinodjem II. There was
no Pinodjem III
Duat-Hathor Henuttauy
wife of Khakheperre
Pinodjem I
                                  The History of Egyptology
As alway with these texts from the dawn of Egyptology, we must warn you
they contain a great deal of false information and conclusions (marginally
noted as time has allowed).
None the less they are an important part of the
history and development of our science. These are the original words of men
who were there when these discoveries were made. However, some of these
texts do contain correct conclusions to matters which have caused heated
discussions between leading Egyptologists of our time. Had they taken the
time to read these early works carefully, such discussions would not have
arisen. An Egyptologist must be able to at least read and understand texts in
English, French and German, so there is no excuse for these works to have
gone unread.     
Edward R. Loring/CESRAS/2012

Rai, nurse of Queen

Seqenenre Taa II
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Cairo, CG61004, Rai;
Her mummy found in
TT320 in coffin of

Rai's coffin found in
TT320 containing mummy
of NN woman "B";
relationships unknown