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The coffin lid of Horj, earlier 21a Theban Dynasty

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The following statements are from Orbis Biblicus et Orientalis 17 S.A.: Oleg Berlev-Svetlana Hodjash,
Catalogue of the Monuments of Ancient Egypt, University Press Fribourg CH, 1998. Chapter II, page 22, Nr.21
"Coffin of Hori (Lid). Kazan, no. not ascertained;
probably lost. Painted wood: 189 x 57 cm. Provenance not
recorded: probably Thebes, Date: Dyn XXI. Bibliography: Turayev
ZVORAO 15, p.088f., no. 31.   Niwinski,
Coffins, no. 214. "The lid could not be found....Having no photograph at our disposal, we refrain from
translating Turayev's description. The owners name is noted by Turayev but once in two symmetrically
arranged scenes, adjacent to the wings of Nut. He is refered to as "Osiris Hori""   
This was our team's first adventure in what one could call "The Archaeology of former Soviet Store-rooms"
The lid was found in June 1998 by Alexej A. Krol on a board over a doorway to a store-room in the museum.
The lid is in very bad condition and the camera which we had on this, our first, "photo safari" had poor
resolution and we had no previous experience with digital photography. Alexej returned to Kazan in 1999 and
made some better photos. However, the object is in such bad condition that a great deal of digital processing
was needed to obtain minimal results. With considerable effort and "photoshopping" I was able to find Hori's
name on the left crossed arm just above the wrist.

Edward R. Loring, CESRAS/25.05.2014